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The realities of making money online in Nigeria by Nigerians online resulting to the exciting trend of working from home or should I say working virtually from anywhere on earth using most web publishing tools like Blogger, WordPress, HubPages amongst others as legitimate channels to earn income on the internet for free was just like a hear say until I was somehow curious about getting involved with any true online money making opportunities in Nigeria some years ago.

It is a possibility to truly make money legitimately on the Internet here in Nigeria where I live and do my normal daily business. Truly, there are many Nigerians online who are already making consistent income on the Internet. If you’re a Nigerian or living in Nigeria, you’ll agree with me that a few years ago when the ironically so called “Yahoo Yahoo boys” or they 19 men who in some ugly ways choose to make money online through some online fraudulent practices who also made people to wrongfully believe that it’s the only way to make money big time using the Internet.

The Internet is truly impacting lives and businesses, very good to be rightly informed about the winning strategies that work. Be the first to get free updates, as you like us on our Official Facebook Fan Page:

Online Money Making Opportunities in Nigeria:

How Do I Make Money? You ask.

1. Google Adsense Program: Making money on adsense is becoming the largest and possibly the best passive online income maker for publishers. Google adsense program displays relevant ads on your published hubs and rewards instant cash to your account when visitors to your hubs click on ads displayed even if the eventually didn’t purchase anything – Free money online, right? How?

You’ll be sharing with them on the paid ads by their advertisers to have those ads displayed on your blogs and websites. Yes, only on published blogs or articles!(warning: you must not click on any google ads showing on your blogs or websites for any reasons, else you get kicked out and have your account disabled).

The good news here is that Google “adsense program” accepts and are already paying many smart hard working Nigerians online including my humble self. It’s easy and free!. I advice you signup with adsense site through your affiliate settings area located in what I call your account control panel ( if you’re using HubPages Account Area).

A. Register an email account with Gmail – This will be required during your registration with Adsense revenue sharing with HubPages, Blogger, or WordPress.

B. I assume you’ve signup with any of them, then start writing, blogging and hubbing(web articles) on somethings you’re passionate about, it could be any of your favorites, things that get your attention and you’re in love to share them in writing knowing that they could be helpful to your readers or even in your area of specialization(profession).

C. It’s easy to follow and complete the process. Provide your Nigerian reachable and reliable address to enable you receive your PIN and payment by checks/cheques from Google at when due.

2. Amazon Affiliate Program: This is one of the largest online stores in the world on the Internet today, showcasing many exciting products ranging from hard wares, books, electronics and lots of goods. They do accept Nigerians who are willing to work towards making money online for free and will send your payment to you here in Nigeria by check. You’ll need to follow same process above at your ‘affiliate settings’ options on your account area as you locate Amazon listed in there, it’s quite interesting working with Amazon affiliate program through Hubpages integrated platform considering also the associate quality and targeted traffic.

3. Affiliate Marketing Programs: Affiliate marketing in Nigeria has made it possible for anyone from anywhere nationwide and beyond to legitimately make money on the Internet by selling or promoting products and services owned by other individuals or companies without even having a website of your own. Here, you get paid commission on anyone who arrives the vendor’s website or web store, makes the purchase successfully through your given affiliate link. There are many affiliate marketing programs out there to join but I advice you look out for ones that easily accept Nigerians like PayDotCom and, for now you may leave the issue of ClickBank and PayPal as they do not accept Nigerians unless you go for a UK virtual address of virtual office suite of

In fact my first affiliate commission paid by check from HostGator was a reseller hosting reviews on one of my “how to” hubs on HubPages then when affiliate links were allowed. Lots of web hosting signups of people that were referred through my affiliate link. You should read the terms of use of HubPages first regarding publishing good and acceptable hubs in order to abide by the rules and stay healthy on this platform without been kicked out, affiliate links are also not accepted on same free similar platform.

4. Selling Information Products Online:The act of selling information products on the Internet using several categories of rich media formats has made it easier for publishers and advertisers to showcase ebooks, audio, audio books, videos and softwares in downloadable formats that are obtainable from anywhere there is an Internet connection. I can as well get this blog post in a pdf format as a snappy e-book; give it out to my subscribers and potentials ones for free or decide to sell it for just $10 if I want. Truly, there are many out there who will be willing to buy.

The interesting thing about it is that, you’ll be building good list of subscribers who will be most willing to buy any other information products you’re selling in the future because of your resourcefulness. Hubpages, Blogger and WordPres are good places to start writing and publishing blogs and hubs on helpful reviews of information products and services of your choice, even hard wares.

Website Traffic Strategies: In this online virtual business, website traffic can not overemphasized as the lack of could also get you frustrated; it doesn’t tell good on any online project, no matter how beautiful your blogs and websites look without real continued visistors(web traffic).

Amongst other quality traffic resources we’ll be ethically discussing onboard, Video marketing is pretty good and hot, considering it’s viral nature.

Video Marketing Strategies – Video Tutorial:

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