Online Payment Processing Made Easy

Payment Gateway Integration on Internet Businesses:

The realities of online payment gateway integration on Internet businesses have made it quite easier for individuals and merchants online to make and accept payments online from anywhere in the world. There are good number of online payment gateways that can handle all payments made online with any Internet business.

The payment automation with these providers brings a welcome innovation regarding the safety and smoothness with online business transactions in recent days. You’ll also agree with me on the swift rate at which people make purchases on the Internet which has greater ratio to offline transactions. Sales could be highly increased with a few online payment systems with large community of users by simply providing payment options for your targeted market.

Payment Gateway Providers – E-commerce Application and Integration:

1. PayPal Account:

PayPal is one of the most popular online payment gateway on the Internet today. A subsidiary of eBay company, founded in 1998 at Palo Alto, California USA. And has it’s head quarters at San Jose, California USA. PayPal gives users an opportunity to accept credit card payments by phone, fax, or mail; accept credit card payments directly on your website.

Benefits of Paypal’s credit card processing:

* Sending and Accepting Online Payment Worldwide for individuals and merchants
* Secured payment gateway, No setup fees.
* It has more than 220 million account users, that means a large money community.
* It holds funds in 17 major currencies worldwide.
* PayPal Logo and her services attract buyers for it’s reliability and security.

ClickBank Payment Gateway Processing:

2. ClickBank Marketplace:

Clickbank Marketplace is a digital product retailer, payment gateway processor, the largest Internet digital marketplace. ClickBank is registered under Click Sales Inc. is a subsidiary of KeyneticsTM Inc. Located at Idaho, USA. Digital products here are related only to downloadable info products, e-books, audios, videos, software and membership sites. etc. Clickbank marketplace empowers vendors to sell any digital products, accepts payments online and securely processes payments made on their websites.

Signing up is totally fast and simple. The will automatically recruit affiliates to promote your products for you with ease, Autopilot commission sharing rate between the publisher,affiliates and ClickBank. Payouts are carried out on every 1st and 16th of every month by check or direct deposit as you will chose on their signup form.

ClickBank Account is also a super resources for affiliate marketing, making money online with clickbank affiliates is easy and fast as you will discover good and high commission paying products with high sales conversion rate to promote from a whole lot of over 10,000 products of publishers/advertisers across the globe.

ClickBank Payment Processing Benefits:

  •      Publishers and advertisers can sell and accept online payments easily with this service.
  •      It has a safe, fast and simple affiliates program good for Internet marketers.
  •      Has over 100,000 active affiliate marketers willing to promote your products, indeed more revenue for publishers.
  •      The will pay you twice a month. 1st and 16th as an affiliate on earned commissions by check.
  •      Excellent record tracking system
  •      The marketplace is the largest internet showcase for digital products.
  •      ClickBank is trusted with excellent quality merchant account services

Liberty Reserve Account – Alternative Payment Processing:

3. Liberty Reserve account is a secured online payment system for digital e currencies that enables anyone from anywhere to send and receive money online globally. Most e currency trading today has one or the other with the e currency exchange usage of this platform especially amongst forex traders. This is great great alternative payment gateway processing that is widely accepted by most merchants online in recent days.

Hot Tips For Accepting Payments Online:
You can generate more sales online and make more money on your website with these online payment processing gateways, it can be deployed by having the above mentioned high sales conversion payment processors on your payment page or order page so that your visitors can easily navigate to their choice of payment option before final checkout. You may be asking now, can I have the above mentioned “payment gateway processors” showcased to my visitors? Yes you can. It is rewarding and makes you most relevant. Their large number of users worldwide is something worth considering.

Security Alert!

Please help minimize fraud on the Internet. Lets have a safe and happy Internet community. Yes, your personal or merchant account providers, credit card processing companies will never send to you emails or phone calls demanding you to update your account with your full card numbers, password and pin. They are private, do not fill any form of such.

Merchant account providers will never use public or free email addresses in reaching their valued customers.

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